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combove type 4730-540kv

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About Combove

We are a professional motor R&D and production enterprise founded in 2012.

After years of market tests, we have mature technology, stable and reliable quality. Both RC helicopters and UAV markets have good sales and market share.


  1. * Combove® are registered trademark of Combove Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd. 
  2. * Our product testing environment is subtropical monsoon climate. Industrial grade products will be professionally tested in plateau and cold regions.
  3. * We have the greatest support for environmental protection, and our products do not contain harmful chemicals. Metal products can be recycled and reused.
  4. * legal labor protection
  • This is an excellent gift for grown ups and kids who are grown up....This is quite big in size and flies very well. The build is very lite but strong. The chopper is very stable and quick to the control switches. There are buttons to balance the flight and make it 100% stable in air and hold the altitude. The response to the other livers and controls is very swift and accurate, so that you always feel in control.


    RC Helicopter very stable and controlled